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Richard Lupien



New Edition 2018

Cover design : Sandrine Marineau-Lupien

The very first opus of Richard Lupien was quite an adventure, one of a passionate creator and guitar player! Initially recorded in two segments, one on the stage of the Théatre du Musée des Civilations in Gatineau Québec, this with the help of his brother Gilles, then sound engineer at the museum and with the collaboration of renowned luthier Michael Greenfield who graciously lent him two of his guitars for the occasion.


And secondly, home recordings with, let’s say, more modest means, but with a very nice Guild D40 1979 guitar in hand. Finding that the result was missing uniformity, he then resolved himself, five years later, to re-record those home recordings, this time with better equipement and more recording experience, but could not make public the results of his work because of lack of budget.


Just as the phenix will always be reborn of his ashes, with the passion at heart still burning strong, here we are in 2018 for the return of the Keltic Phenix, new edition!…

Titles :


1- Issoudun Cajun 4:13
2- Joséphine’s Jig 4:09
3- O’Neil’s March 3:17
4- Road to Durham / Reel à Quatre 4:22
5- Valse Champagne 2:51
6- Bright Quiet Eily O’Carroll 3:33
7- 6/8 à Joe Bouchard 3:49
8- Flatbush Waltz Fandango 4:06
9- War Hent Kerrigouarch 4:07
10- Widower’s Lament / Inisheer 4:40
11- Röcklavisan 2:36
12- Tune for Frankie / Dear Michael / Set of Jigs 7:48
13- Valse de la Montagne 4:14

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