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Richard Lupien



« Luna Sundari » is composed of multi-instrumentalist Marie-Josée Veilleux (alias Sundari) on guitar, sitar, flute and voice and guitarist-stylist Richard Lupien on guitars and back-vocals.

Long time artisan in the world of sacred chants and kirtans, Marie-Josée as develloped a true sense of sharing the energy of the mantras through appearances at many venues with her group Mandala Kirtan and by accompanying Lea Longo in some of her live performances. Her delicat and enchanting voice brings us smoothly into an contemplative and introspective state of receptiveness!!…

Has for Richard Lupien, with his long time experience as a composer-arranger, he has develloped a unique playing style using open tunings on guitars that brings rich and subtle harmonies to their music. The CD « Luna Sundari » was recorded live at the Kriya Yoga of Babaji Center in St-Étienne de Bolton, Québec in the summer of 2016.


Let yourself be transported in the delightfull trance of  Luna Sundari.

Luna Sundari would like to thank Jean-François Matte at MuziKarma studio for his support during the final mastering !!

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