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Richard Lupien


Richard Lupien has cumulated a long career of over fourty years. His journey is one of a self-thought musician passionate of many different styles of music. Born and raised in the Outaouais region, he worked with many singers-songwriters as a composer and bass or guitar player, but also, as a musical director, band leader for his own bossa-jazz quartet with sax player René Lavoie and also played bass for a while in a ballroom style big band

Upon arriving in Montreal in 1985, he had the opportunity to play with singer Renée Claude and singer-songwriter Pierre Létourneau, playing guitar along side his renowned cousin Michel Robidoux. He also gave solo recitals and worked with well known jazz multi-instrumentist Michel Dubeau. Then, for more than ten years, he dedicated himself to celtic and Quebec traditional music and produced three CD’s, one for solo guitar, one with flutist Philippe Duberger and one with his trio « Tarcolen ».


In his solo performances, Richard shares his passion for the guitar by proposing a wide range of original compositions in many musical styles, his own arrangements of music from the celtic world, and his own original arrangements of songs of The Beatles. His solo recital brings out his musical sensitivity and his mastering of open tuning techniques.

After a deep introspection and a year spent at the Quebec Art of Living ashram, he now dedicates part of his musical passion in sharing sacred chants of India (mantras) and devotional chants in the company of multi-instrumentalist Marie-Josée Veilleux (alias Sundari) on flute, guitar and sitar as a duo called « Luna Sundari ». Over the last five years, they have had the joy of participating in numerous spiritual oriented events and festivals, such as The Montreal Chant Fest, FestiZen, One Spirit Festival and The Essence Festival in the summer of 2018.

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