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Richard Lupien


Photography : Dutil

Cover design : Martine Beauchemin

Here is the first ever CD of original compositions by one of Québec's finest fingerstyle guitarist Richard Lupien.


Let us go back in time to 2010 when Richard just finished recording the CD for his celtic trio Tarcolen. With mics all set up, he decided to record ten of his compositions, one with his long time friend Mario Giroux on cello.


Life being what it is, the project was put on hold during all these years until a webmaster friend of his, Martine Beauchemin from offered him to help put his music online!


We find here a few "organic" sounding compositions in the "New Guitar Music" style of playing that some would qualify as contemporary-folk guitar music. Open tuning techniques being the basis of his creative work for the past fourty years, here is a delightful collection of tunes sure to please the most demanding acoustic guitar enthousiast!

Titres :


1- Guit'Essence 5:56
2- Wings of love 3:36
3- Dunvegan Road 4:02
4- Born Again 4:19
5- Solitary Wind - Winter Sun 6:03
6- The Last Goodbye 4:57
7- Two Friends 5:43
8- Spring Joy 4:09
9- Summer Splender 3:40
10- Autumn Spectrum 4:31

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